Sunday, August 24, 2014

China Fans : Buying tickets for COM & Scent

Just want to show you that Chinese fans really go all the way to support Park Si Hoo's movies
 that came out at the same time. We really appreciate their support for Park Si Hoo.

1. For " Confession of Murder "

Uploaded by @ Yang Zi Virtuous , thank you!

Movie " I was a murderer " will be shown on August 30 in Beijing at MOMA Broadway Cinematheque contemporary, there are still dozens of tickets to be sold,
Hurry up & go to ~ http: //
I put a link to the seat selection page & please help for the proliferation!

2.  For Scent

Uploaded by 烟紫烟 (Smoke Zi Yan), thank you!

Qingyang Heng Dian : There are three screening for Scent Tomorrow morning at 11:10
Normal Hall has 28 tickets, afternoon and evening schedule for the VIP* screening,

*NK : You will see there are less seats availble for the VIP time slot 
but the price for each seat almost 3 times higher than the regular price. 
Never seen like this before in my area!^^ 

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