Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do you miss our In Joon ?^^

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Scent : At Cinemart website

Park Shi Hoo starring " Scent " and announcement for advance ticket sales start

February 28 (Saturday) Cinemart Shinjuku 
The advance ticket of Park Shi Hoo starring " Scent " from, Cinemart Shinsaibashi, 
will pre-release at Cinemart Roppongi!

Advance tickets first series benefits " Scent" original post card.
Two favorite design out of five at each theater box office is I can choose. 
Please purchase as soon as possible because it is a limited amount.

We look forward to your visit.






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Scent goes to Japan : Official Twitter & Facebook in Japanese

As we know " Scent " is back in the game again!

So as " our " Scent " blog!^^

Only this time it's going to Japan on Feb 28, 2015 in 3 major theaters

So please follow all the exciting news & updated about Scent 
from the movie's official website



So as Jami & Dami Twitter

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Yes, Our Kang In Joon is back!^^

~  See you in Japan ~

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Curtain Has Finally Closed on Scent, A Month From Its First Show.

Dear fellow fans of Park Si Hoo,

The curtain has finally closed on the movie Scent, exactly a month from its debut show on 3,800 cinemas in China.

All things (good or bad) will eventually come to an end. In Buddhism, the end is also a new beginning of a new life.

So don't feel too sad as this will mean Overseas Fans Get To Watch Scent when it is distributed overseas!!!

Yeah!!! Finally our turn to watch the movie!!!

Here's the screenshots from the box office website for today and Aroma (Scent) is no longer in the list.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

New photos of PSH in 6 cities tour : PSH's in Shanghai & going home ( Oct 18-19, 2014 )

At the theater in Shanghai : August 18, 2014

Going home : August 19, 2014

The End!

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New photos of PSH in 6 cities tour : PSH's in Shanghai ( Oct 18, 2014 )

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The preperation for Scent's press conference in Shanghai

During the conference

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