Monday, August 25, 2014

25 Aug 2014 @6pm Update of Scent's Box Office Statistics

Hi, here's the updated data for this evening from

In case this may be of interest to you.
1) Of the 5 movies including Aroma that began screening on 15 Aug, 2 of the movies (Goodbye Giants and Yongchun White Crane) has already stopped screening on Thursday last week due to poor box office performance.

2) Another 2 of the movies (Love Darwinism and Lake Swordfight) has ceased reporting National box office records like Aroma with their daily Internet sales dropped to less than 20,000 yuan.

I hope Aroma can continue to be screened until 15 Sep (for 1 month).

The total box office from the start of screening to 24 Aug should be 5,272,100 yuan.

Why no figures at National box office column after 17 Aug 2014?

We would greatly appreciated that the Chinese fans ask those people in charge of providing box office figures and let us know at weibo.


  1. Thanks, J! And have a great week ahead of you!^^

  2. U too Nikki, have a good nite rest. ^^

  3. Good question, J! I'm wondering too & wish the same thing that Scent can stay as long as September 15! I think that's the nature of movie around the world to be in theater about 1 month if they perform well enough. I think Scent should continue to focus on promoting and having smaller screening in the area that show strong ticket sell! Otherwise just bring Scent to us in DVD then it will be our turn to get a chance to see the movie and show Scent & PSH our support finally!^^

  4. Does the film is doing well at the box office?

    1. Hello maviş özen, Let me put it this way : Movie blockbuster in China aren't different from anywhere else : The big or huge budget movie from Hollywood still dominate the market so as all fantacy or action movies. With Scent is called " Art film " or " movie for women " who not the priority of the audiences over there. It isn't easy task to win the blockbuster.

      Park Si Hoo has been recognized from Chinese medias as one of the top Hallyu star. Korean medias start reporting his news about Scent and his great success from 6 cities tours. He received a lot of good reviews from critic & audiences. Scent is still in theater while other movies that started the same time already gone as J. Ong explained! It's telling us something that even Scent can't beat the giant ( or the dragon ) but Park Si Hoo's reputation has established in China because of Scent! I hope when Scent will be available for us, all PSH's fans around the world will prove our hard working China friends that they aren't alone to fight for PSH!^^ And just wait & see how many awards Park Si Hoo and Scent will recieve this year!^^

    2. Thanks Nikki :) I'm always ready to support.This year will be his year :)

    3. Absolutely and many many years to come!^^