Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Park Si Hoo, one of the most beautiful Korean scenery!


[Fragrance family] 
You don'tt know Park Si Hoo - a four-year-old elementary school looks True Confessions 
( Touched countless people)

This is a long article that wrote by Chinese fans for quite a while. She did a lot of research 
about Park Si Hoo and his life as an actor including PSH's effect to his fans' lives. 
It's really true that meeting Park Si Hoo has changed the way we used to live more or less 
But for me, It's far more than I can imagine!^^

Below are pictures from this article. If you got to know PSH long enough then you can guess 
what she's talking about and her article's title is really approiate for him.

" Park Si Hoo, one of the most beautiful Korean scenery! "

" The introduction picture "

PSH in How to meet a perfect neighbor 

In Family Honor

In Ivory Coast with HOPE Foundation

Chinese fans sent the texts to show their supporting to PSH 
& it's appeared at the mall in Beijing in 2013

In Shanghai for " Scent shooting " with his fans

 At the airport

Buyeo in April, 2014

Si Hoo's reading room for children in China

Credit :, thank you!
Credit :, thanks!

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