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Behind Story-Park Si Hoo-RIVERIVER Vol.03 (English Translation)

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Translation to English by J Ong, thanks!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting! Today's RIVERIVER news tidbits is RIVERIVER Vol.03 excellently decorated [Park Shi Hoo part] cover. Thank you ~ ♪

 It has been a year and a half since I met Mr. Shi Hoo for the first time then. At the moment when we meet again in the studio, as he dance a light march, he raised his right hand to greet me, "Yo! How are you?"  "Aye, with your blessings. And you, Mr. Shi Hoo?"  Without answering me, Mr Shi Hoo (laughs) "Ha ha ha ~" laughing out loud as he moves toward the back of the studio ...... in his usual old ways, but why is it that kind of manners I find it cute and hard to hate ? (≧ ∇ ≦) ki ャ ー ♪

It was decided that the interview will only last 20 minutes, however when the interview started, I found a lot more questions. However, Mr. Shi Hoo showed concern on the first issue of RIVERIVER that the editorial office will produce (5555 ...... impressive!!)

From "Why use the name RIVERIVER?", "How much?", "Will it be sold in South Korea?" asked a variety of questions (laughs) as he looked at the cover he asked, "Huh? This is Joon Ki?" After hearing "this is Mr. supernova xx " he shouted "He and Joon Ki look really alike ah! " After hearing " the Japanese fans also say so " why did Mr. Shi Hoo laugh so hilariously?

"This ah ~ is what everybody say ~" still very pleased, while flipping the page (of the magazine), CODE-V (editor's or interviewer's) hand suddenly stopped, leaned out, "ah ~ going uphill for the shot? Where is the mountain located ah? Such good feeling! Next time I would also like to take photographs in this place!  So exciting ↑↑↑ (CODE-V mention, the photo shoot will be at Mount Gao Wei ^ ^)

Having such a question thrown at me, I can not stay silent! I leaned out and proposed  "Mr. Shi Hoo why not try photo shoot at Mount Fuji in Japan!"  "Japan's No. 1 mountain, Mount Fuji is good too ~ Well are there any spas nearby? Having a spa in Mount Fuji is not so bad oh ~" "So please find if there is any spa in advance!" Mr Shi answered with a big hilarious laugh.

Is this for real, or we are just joking around for fun ...... No, no, I believe we're serious, I believe this delusion of photo shoot in Mount Fuji with Spa is in the plan (laughs). Mr. Shi Hoo, must have plan to go with RIVERIVER to Japan's No.1 mountain at some time for a photo shoot ~ ♪ please take note! !

让大家久等了!今天的RIVERIVER花絮,是RIVERIVER Vol.03的封面极好地装饰的【朴施厚篇】谢谢~ ♪



从“为什么取名叫RIVERIVER?”开始,“多少钱?”、“韩国也有卖吗?”问着各种问题(笑) 一边看着封面一边问“咦?这是准基?”听说“这是超新星的xx先生”的回答之后,大喊着“他和准基真的很像啊!”,听到“日本粉丝们也这么说哦”之后,施厚先生为什么要大爆笑!





翻译:小么小二郎丫 不足之处望谅解


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