Friday, August 15, 2014

Update Scent's performance in China Box Office - 15 August 2014

Latest update @1.31pm Singapore time

Aroma total box office -, August 15, 2014 net ticket at the box office: 298,705yuan, as of the day net total box office ticket: 351,784 yuan
A total of 547 field (theatres open for booking)

香气总票房 --,2014年08月15日网票票房:299669元,截止当日网票总票房:351784元
共有 547 场

The filmTotal screeningsStatistical fieldWaste FieldAveragingTotal SeatsAttendanceVisitorsAverage price (yuan)The total box office (yuan)Operation
Aroma542           349           38 Twenty one62222    19.02%        7449      40.1   298,705Details

电影 总场次 统计场 废场 场均 总座位 上座率 人次 平均价(元) 总票房(元) 操作
香气 542 349 38 21  62,222 19.02%          7,449           40.10          298,705 明细

Good afternoon, fans of Park Si Hoo! ^^ Here's the update of today's box office performance @10.40am (Orange colour is today's performance).

Good morning, fans of Park Si Hoo! ^^  Today is the Day!!! As of 9am (Singapore time), already a few cinemas in China are full (100%). Below is only page 1 of 11 pages. Please go to this link for more information -
Thank you for reading this post! ^^

(PS: I'll will do an update with chart in comparison with the other movies currently screening later. Please be patient. Thank you! Domo arigato! Gamsahamida! Xiexie !^^ )

Aroma total box office -, August 15, 2014 9.00am net ticket at the box office: 162,320 yuan.
As of the day net total box office ticket: 214,435 yuan
A total of 529 fields (theatres/cinemas)
Theater nameShowtimesTicketsTotal SeatsAttendance
Jinyi International Cinema Long East Central Branch2014/08/15 23:50:0042.001100%
Shenzhen, China shadow letter and Studios2014/08/15 23:35:0033.006621.21%
Cinemark Kunming Studios2014/08/15 23:30:0037.901062.83%
Su Yi Studios East Sand Lake shop2014/08/15 23:30:0033.007011.43%
Kunming shadow Yonghua International Studios2014/08/15 23:30:0038.00150100%
UME International Cineplex Reuter shop2014/08/15 23:25:0048.009512.63%
Guangzhou, China Yingqing Palace Film City2014/08/15 23:20:0036.90555.45%
Jinyi International Cinema Center City store2014/08/15 23:20:0053.00184100%
Jinyi International Cinema City Wuhan Zhongnan Branch2014/08/15 23:15:0032.90860%
Huizhou Orange Sky Golden Harvest Studios CTS shop2014/08/15 23:15:0059.001431.4%
Jinyi International Cinema Center City store2014/08/15 23:10:0053.001840%
Orange Sky Golden Harvest Studios Shenzhen Vientiane City store2014/08/15 23:05:0090.00842.38%
Kunming Jia Cinema2014/08/15 23:00:0028.00820%
Guangzhou Jin Yi Sun City shop2014/08/15 23:00:0048.001610%
Jinyi International Cinema Qingdao CBD store2014/08/15 23:00:0028.00640%
MGM International Studios henggang shop2014/08/15 23:00:0034.001010%
Chongqing Jiangbei UME International Cineplex Store2014/08/15 22:50:0049.00730%
McIlroy Jackie Chan International Cinema2014/08/15 22:45:0042.901382.17%
Guangzhou City, the Shadow Alliance and movies2014/08/15 22:40:0037.901180%
Tianjin Film Elegance shop2014/08/15 22:40:0023.001242.42%
Bona Studios Imperial Court shop2014/08/15 22:40:0039.00883.41%
Shanghai New Century Mediterranean Studios2014/08/15 22:35:0049.001140%
Hang Lung Film World2014/08/15 22:35:0034.0011911.76%
K. Wah International Studios Yaojiayuan vitality Oriental shop2014/08/15 22:30:0043.00730%
Capital Cinema Xidan store2014/08/15 22:25:0044.90862.33%
Jinyi International Cinema Austrian city of Tianjin shop2014/08/15 22:25:0033.001801.11%
Ningbo UME International Cineplex2014/08/15 22:20:0038.001181.69%
Shanghai New Century Studios2014/08/15 22:20:0051.90355.71%
Lumiere Long Hubei Chengdu City Street IMAX Cinema2014/08/15 22:20:0037.901262.38%
Yinxing Lotte Cinema Paradise Road store in Tianjin2014/08/15 22:20:0052.90Twenty three8.7%
Jinyi International Cinema manhole shop2014/08/15 22:15:0041.002180%
Shenzhen Cinema Studios2014/08/15 22:10:0032.901595.03%
Jinyi International Cinema Nantong Rudong shop2014/08/15 22:10:0048.001740%
Deep Shadow Phoenix International Studios2014/08/15 22:10:0038.0085100%
Jinyi International Cinema IMAX shop Hongkou Long Dream2014/08/15 22:10:0052.001170%
Wuhan Jinyi International Cinema City Wusheng shop2014/08/15 22:05:0037.90740%
Purple Studios2014/08/15 22:00:0034.001290%
Cixi Times Movie World2014/08/15 22:00:0053.009115.38%
Century Friendship Studios2014/08/15 22:00:0038.00510%
Tianjin tai International Studios2014/08/15 22:00:0042.90850%
Shenzhen Poly Studios Greater China shop2014/08/15 22:00:0044.902080%
International Millennium Beijing Film Studios Street2014/08/15 21:55:0020.001000%
Lumiere Chengdu Raffles Studios2014/08/15 21:50:0042.901220%
Yi Cheng Chongqing Bona International Cineplex Store2014/08/15 21:50:0027.90952.11%
Aeon International Film Studios Store2014/08/15 21:50:0037.901070%
Tianjin Film Elegance shop2014/08/15 21:50:0023.00994.04%
Chengdu UME International Cineplex2014/08/15 21:45:0039.001340%
The capital of cinema Changping shop2014/08/15 21:45:0034.00830%
Xiang'an International Film Studios Store2014/08/15 21:40:0033.901340%
Huangyan self Film World2014/08/15 21:40:0040.006016.67%
  • Total: 529
  • Page: 1/11


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