Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scent : Inviting fans to send their text supports to display at the mall!

#电影香气#【北京天幕齐应援】:8月1日(晚19:00--21:00),已邀请媒体参观并进行报道。盛情邀请大家参与短信送祝福活动,为你喜欢的演员,为电影《香气》送上大家最美好的愿望。方式:136+短信内容发送到1066950092 如:发选短信内容如: 荷香盈动,香影相连。朴施厚携《香气》,燃情八月!

@ Aroma it cinema official blog 
# Movies # [Beijing sky Qi aroma should aid]: 

This August 1 ( from 19:00 - 21:00),

 Scent has invited the media to visit and reported about it. Kind invitation to everyone to participate in message send blessings activities for your favorite actors, for the film "aroma" send everyone best wishes. Method: 136 + content of messages sent to 1066950092 eg: send election message content such as: Lotus PCCW, Hong shadow connected. 

Park Si Hoo will bring " Scent " to be a legend of August!

NK : Okay, they will do it again and this time there will be medias come to witness this great way
 to show our support to Park Si Hoo and Scent too. Which it can break a world record or something, Good luck Chinese fans!^^

" Sample for the text "

Scent poster : Distance

Credit : 电影香气, thanks!

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