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News : Park Si Hoo, proven Prince of Asia... is 1st place in China's "Korea-Japan Star Popularity Ranking Record" for 61 weeks "Unlimited Momentum".


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2014年7月18日 10:09  
2014 July 18  10:09                                 

Actor Park Si Hoo has, in China's organised "Japan & Korean Star Popularity Ranking Record", achieved a record of continuous 1st place for 61 weeks. This proven "Park Si Hoo Craze".

Ever since Park Si Hoo had achieved 1st place, on 18 May last year, on China's most credible Star voting website "" during the 180th week ranking record, his position has not slipped.

He has been "sitting on the throne for Number 1" amidst all the popular stars continuously and without losing momentum for 61 weeks up to the 240th week Japan-Korean Star Popularity Ranking record held on 6th to 12th of this month. Thus proven again his title as "Prince of Asia". 

Park Si Hoo has been able to surpass votes for other 324 notable Japanese & Korean artists in the list with 15million 700 thousands votes to achieve the top position, differ 2nd and 3rd position by 10 million 810 thousands votes. Fans of Park Si Hoo have given their tremendous support once again to prove him as the one and only Hallyu star.

最重要的是本月13日开始的“第241期日韩明星人气排行榜”中朴施厚预计也将以压倒性的支持率获胜备受关注。 在投票截止的19日,还有1天的投票时间,但是以18日为准,第一名和第二名的票数差距有将近300万票。因此,中国国内的投票专家们再次让朴施厚顺利荣登第一名的宝座,也对朴施厚将再续62周蝉联桂冠的神话倍感期待。
Most importantly, in the current week's 241st weekly Japan-Korean Star Popularity Ranking, Park Si Hoo is being observed to expect to continue this achievement. 19th of July will be the last voting day for the week, with just one more day as at today, the number of vote difference between the 1st position and 2nd position is 3 million votes. As such, the Chinese committee for the voting station has again awarded Park Si Hoo the top post and to Park Si Hoo this will be his 62nd weeks of continuous achievement as the legendary champion.

Not only that, after the broadcasting of SBS "Cheongdam-dong Alice" drama in China beginning of this year, a craze for Park Si Hoo develop throughout the country. Riding on the popularity with thanks to Park Si Hoo's other drama work "The Princess Man", KBS Television hurriedly arrange to broadcast as well, proving again his immense popularity.

Last year, Park Si Hoo started acting for the Chinese movie "Scent". Due to his involvement in the advertisements and promotion for the movie, Park Si Hoo has to travel to China. Each time his visit China, there will be thousands of fans waiting for him at the airport, creating "a sea of people" there. 

最近,日本不仅将朴施厚主演的《清潭洞爱丽丝》和《公主的男人》同时通过地上波广播,还创下了“月火水木金 施厚Day”的佳话。对此,中国和日本延伸的朴施厚的无限潜力的结局引人注目。
Lately in Japan, not only was Park Si Hoo's dramas "Cheongdam-dong Alice" and "The Princess' Man" was broadcasted concurrently, the fans have created a tale titled "Moon, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal Si Hoo day".  This attracts attention on the end results of the unlimited support for Park Si Hoo by Chinese and Japanese fans.

Park Si Hoo's management company Hoo Factory expressed that after the broadcast of "Cheongdam-dong Alice" and "The Princess' Man" in China, the care and support from Chinese fans has increased tremendously. Hoo Factory expressed "to repay the continuous support and love from the fans, Park Si Hoo will do his best to work harder as an actor."

In addition, after the completion of dubbing for Park Si Hoo's first Chinese movie "Scent", the movie will be shown (in cinemas).

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