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Interview : To know Oppa Park Si Hoo by "smell"

闻香识欧巴  To know Oppa Park Si Hoo by "smell"

Translation by J Ong , thank you!!

出演过多部大热韩剧的朴施厚,一直是韩国的微笑王子。在韩流重袭亚洲的今天,欧巴自然不会落后,在中韩合拍电影《香气》中出演一名室内设计师。依旧是温暖的爱情片,依旧是那个命运捉弄下温和而深情的王子模样。文 毛楚潇 化妆 万诗君 摄影 李樵
Park Si Hoo, who has acted in numerous Korean drama, is still Korean's Prince of Smiles. In today's K-Pop influenced Asia, Oppa will naturally not lose out. He acted as an interior designer in the joint Sino-Korean movie production "Aroma". As usual a warm love story, with that play-out-by-fate, gentle yet passionate prince.

Written by: 毛楚潇 Mao Chuxiao
Make-up by: 万诗君 Wan Shijun
Photo-shoot by: 李樵  Li Qiao

Is there any difference working for with the Chinese movie team for the first time?

Previously when working in Korea making the drama, due to it being a weekend drama, we often have to rush to complete the drama within a week, as such often work very late. Sometimes the cameraman will doze off.  This time it is a movie production, work schedule is very well organised, not much late night work, very happy indeed.

Which scene is the most memorable during the shooting of the movie?

Of course it is the bed scene, I have been exercising and even went on a diet for three days to maintain my physique, luckily everything went smoothly.

During your interview, you mentioned the leading actress (Chen Ran) is your ideal type, but previously when "Princess Prosecutor" was telecasted everyone feel that you and Kim So-yeon are perfect match. After working with them, is there any difference between a Chinese girl and a Korean girl?

Actually there is no big difference. Chinese girls are more spontaneous and passionate. My ideal type is on first sight gives me the feeling of cute, happy, lively and passionate kind.

"Aroma" is a love story, one that you are familiar with, would you try a different challenging role?

 I have acted in "I am a murderer" previously, but would like to act in a more valiant role.

Is there any impressive happening outside of work?

Chinese fans are too passionate, heard that they come from different parts of China to visit me and even gave me roasted Peiking duck to eat.  Sometimes even brought roasted sweet potatoes to the site and try to keep them warm. When I receive them, they are still warm in my hands. Thank them for their support.

What have you eaten in Beijing?

 Love roasted Peking duck, steamboat, lamp kebab. Been eating a lot of snacks for the past 2 days, even tried a pastry made of steam glutinous millet flour. I wont reject any food request, feel that Chinese food gives a lot of energy.

How do you feel about coming to Hutong for the first time?

At first thought it is countryside, didn't expect that it is located in a bustling city with such a long street. The cultural heritage must be very strong and heard that the property price here is very expensive

Credit :, thanks!
Credit :, thanks!

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