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Chen Ran : Interview in " Life Style " Magazine

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* NK : This is a complete interview of Chen Ran for " LIfe Style " Magazine

Chen Ran dialogue

"I grew up like to move"

Q: Do you have to turn over the names, why?
A: previous name was too masculine, too feels the boy, the boy would have been very character, altered name can make me a little girl.

Q: You like sports?
A: I grew up just fine move, always loved sports, sports can bring me great pleasure and happiness, on the one hand the sake of health, on the one hand but also a stress reliever.

Q: What sports do usually privately?
A: I now run a marathon, just finish my life in Taipei in the second half horse, this year has just started to run a marathon, be it a challenge to myself. April just getting started with in Washington, ran the first half-horse, specially trained to find a coach for some time, now I feel a lot better physical condition than before.

Q: how would think going to run a marathon?
A: This year going to run three and a half horse, and then look at the physical condition, to challenge the whole horse. On the one hand, running a marathon is to exercise the human mind, when you do not want to go half the time to run, how to stick to it, it is a test of a person's willpower. On the other hand, I have been to relieve stress through exercise, maintaining healthy.

Q: What is the role sport plays in shaping the character and when you interpret large?
A: I think at least let me bring a sunny and positive feeling, people who love sports and who do not love sports than it gives a very intuitive sense, the work will naturally put this feeling presented.
"Who does not yearn for the good hearts and romantic."

Q: As It girl, means that your body has a lot of points to be tapped, in order to maintain this you will challenge some of the unusual shape or character do?
A: I think this is not a problem to maintain, I just put itself presented the most real thing on the line. I like to try something new, this process, their own tastes and ideas will improve when I presented, may change in the eyes of everyone and multiple bars.

Q: What is a good fashion taste to culture?
A: It is important to grow and learn to explore, see much more, to think much more, you can grab their own characteristics, learned a lot. Of course, there are some excellent friends taste is also very important, you need to get work and life slowly accumulate.

Q: Park Shi Hoo cooperation with the "aroma", you have the language barrier?
A: He is a very professional actor, we will first communication based on a good story to do, and then go to the interpretation of the role, it would be more quickly into the role. Interestingly, we often based on the action and eyes, to guess the meaning of each other, sometimes irrelevant answers, and bring a lot of joy to the studio.

Q: What movie tells a story?
A: tell a fairy-tale romance, will bring you a special feeling.

Q: fairy-tale love story, is not meant untrue, groundless?
A: Film provides people with a wonderful love story, so that we feel that the original of such love is wonderful, what kind of things are possible, and who do not mind yearning for beauty and romance of it, I would think so The story is very down to earth, because it reveals the yearning hearts of the people.

Q: Do you agree with this statement right, good things are to pursue?
A: In my eyes, everything around is very good, the key is to look at the issue of the right angle, the true colors of life is not the only one, your eyes may not see that, therefore, the key to whether we can in a timely manner adjust their mentality, and look at the issue of direction.
"I am the eyes of others, only a small part of me."

Q: shaping the role and interpretation of fashion are in your heart feel?
A: The actor is a dream in my heart, fashion is my hobby, both feeling is not the same, filming will encounter challenges, there will be more possibilities, and fashion allow me to enrich themselves.

Q: What is also looking forward to playing the kind of role?
A: those who have not played, and I hope to try.

Q: In the group into the "aroma" before, what did you do to prepare?
A: Jing Xiaxin more thinking, more figured out, then some preparation auxiliary language, because I play the advertising company's white-collar workers, it will also recognize the advertising company from a friend there to understand their life and work status.

Q: Many people say that your body has Maggie, or Sophie Marceau's shadow, this will not affect you?
A: I do not mind if I have these people who shadow, I liked them. However, I still had me, the real me is the way I am, just a small part of my eyes of others. Other "aroma" was released, and we may also feel that I am like other people.

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About Park Shi Hoo

Was in the "reversal queen" "Princess Man" "Alice in Cheongdam-dong" and other television drama, with superb acting and perfect face shine popular South Korean actor Park Shi Hoo, set sail again this year, together with China It girl, actor Chen to find the true meaning of love burning interpretation of a story - "fragrance." The film is starring Park Shi Hoo's first Chinese film, he refined the warm charm of Seoul successfully transplanted into Chinese movie, the whole film from theatrical aesthetic style male character with warm bedding, legs once again to Obama's heatwave Park Shi Hoo's nominal rolling.

What is love, love is what quietly visited, the answer, in this story seems to be in heaven some movie "aroma" inside.
"Aroma" blooming of a pure love story, pigeons and passes him a message of love, unless flew just love Zhu Li (Chen Ran) hands. Also left sweltering on letterheads, implied the transfer is Jiangren Jun (Park Shi Hoo ornaments) when stacked stationery. Letter, so that one pair of each knot exotic women meet, they break through the language barrier, the heart to feel the warmth of his hand, with a brush to convey the mind, and makes grinding the spices can be transformed into love. Slowly, they love the taste of smell is fragrant bursts, but sometimes indescribable. Love, what to do? It is, after all, is an inconclusive proposition, one taste, you and me film them and off screen, only Lengnuanzizhi. Fortunately, the "aroma" made a dream, an ideal romantic fairytale story, touching the hearts of the softest corner, illuminating the hidden shadows, to tell people about what is the longing for love.


  Q:作为It girl,意味着你身上有很多点可挖掘,你会为了维持这个,挑战一些不常见的造型或者角色吗?

  曾在《逆转女王》《公主的男人》《清潭洞爱丽丝》等影视剧中,以精湛演技和完美脸庞大放光彩的韩国人气男星朴施厚,在今年重新起航,携手中国It girl、演员陈燃演绎一段寻觅爱情真谛的故事——《香气》。这部电影是朴施厚主演的第一部中国电影,他把温尔儒雅的魅力成功移植到中国电影中,用暖男本色铺垫起整部影片的文艺唯美风格,长腿欧巴的热浪再一次以朴施厚的名义滚滚而来。

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